In this episode we discuss some important definitions of words that are often misused and will be used (hopefully correctly) in future episodes. I tried to be succinct and clear, If you disagree with these definitions, let me know. Frederick Engles – Socialism, Scientific And Utopian     

Today is Monday, May 28, 2018. It is Memorial Day. And since its memorial day, I thought it may be interesting to talk a bit about the origins of the day. While, setting aside time to commemorate the dead of great battles goes back to time imemorium, in the US what we now know of […]

Episode 1: Introductions Welcome to the Sensible Socialist podcast! This is our first episode of the podcast so it seemed appropriate to begin by way of introduction to give you a sense of who I am, what the podcast is about, why do the podcast and what do I hope to achieve with it. So […]

Introduction Starting in August 2016, a growing movement of Native American tribes and allies have been engaged in daily protest. Their target: The Dakota Access Pipeline. The DAPL is an oil pipeline designed to transport oil as part of the larger Bakken pipeline project.[1] The Bakken project aims to connect newly accessed crude shale oil […]

This week Muslims around the world marked Eid al-Adha, a holy day in which sacrifice and charity are celebrated. As Syrian Muslims observed the occasion, the implementation of a new ceasefire agreement gave additional reasons to give thanks. While the agreement appears to be largely holding, though there have been reports of some violations and […]

Yesterday President Obama, flanked by former president George W. Bush, spoke at a ceremony commemorating the lives of police officers killed in Dallas last weekend. Cutting through the sanctimonious and pious eulogies and calls for unity is a demand to understand. Yet, understanding the shooting of officers in Dallas is difficult. It’s easy to fall […]

INTRODUCTION Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s 2014 military operation in Gaza, involved many of the consequences of desperate and destructive urban and asymmetrical warfare that characterizes each hot flare up of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. One of the charges often levied during the 2014 round of hostilities is the use of human shields, voluntary and involuntary, by […]

I. INTRODUCTION Arguably the most important rights contained in the International Covenant on Social Economic and Cultural Rights (“ICSECR”) are those concerning availability, security and conditions of work. One does not need to travel far to see how necessary these rights have become in the modern world of globalized, technology-based, monopolized, finance capitalism. From Bangladesh […]

TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION I. BACKGROUND A) The Question of Palestinian Statehood (1947-Present) B) Israeli Opposition, Acceptance and Recognition in 1993 C) Palestine’s Change of Status from “Observer” to “Non-Member State” by the United Nations General Assembly III.ANALYSIS. A) The Principles and the Mandates for the ICC B) ICC and Palestine C) Israeli […]

Philanthropy is often touted as a great achievement of capitalism and an obligation oo the wealthy? But the roots of philanthropy show that it is little more and another example of capitalist expropriation of the best human qualities. Finally philanthropy is unable to cure the social ills of capitalism and is therefore little more than personal propaganda campaigns for the elite.

Here’s my only issue with all the discussion of white privilege. Let me first say I acknowledge the phenomenon and it’s obvious outcroppings. My issue is that the phenomenon can be draped in classic identity politics, i.e. race and gender, but that is really just masking the true underlying problem: class inequality. When you look […]

Even if President Obama’s Job’s Plan were to be voted on and passed today, workers everywhere continue to suffer from the economic crisis and jobless “recovery”. Some, however, fare better than others. Since the end of World War II with the advent of the G.I. Bill, higher education has been touted as the means by […]

Even if President Obama’s jobs plan were to be voted on and passed today, it will not overnight solve the problem that workers everywhere are suffering from the economic crisis and jobless “recovery.” Some, however, fare better than others. Since the end of World War II with the advent of the G.I. Bill, higher education […]

The Recession that began in 2008 has not affected everyone equally. While large banks including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase –the same lenders who pushed for the widespread implementation of sub-prime mortgages and then compiled them into mortgage backed securities, and who further bet against the viability of these toxic securities […]

The bombing in Boston is just one of several bombing that happen each day around the world. But unlike any other day, today people are freaking out!   The difference? It happened here.   Acts of terrorism, such as the one yesterday in Boston, particularily against unarmed civilians (including children) are terrible. But it’s terrible […]

I recently read this pair of wonderful articles by Leon Trotsky about the Kronstadt rebellion. I showed the second to a Christian Libertarian colleague of mine. The following discussion ensued: ME: I need to get out why I would defend War Communism, understanding the social conditions and relations of the time (which, I […]

    Italians awoke today to the announcement of a new government under the newly appointed Prime Minister Mario Monti. Replacing Former Prime Minister and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi who resigned over the weekend amid internal and external pressure regarding the ongoing debt crisis in the Euro Zone, Monti is the antithesis of Berlsconi. While […]

Written with: Susan Webb   Eight months ago, Libyans, swept up in the fervor of the Arab Spring, rose up against the regime of Col. Moammar Gaddafi. With the announcement of Gaddafi’s death on Wednesday, it was clear that this uprising had entered a new phase.   Mystery still surrounds the events of Gaddafi’s death. […]

Introduction: Common Misconceptions about communism 1)      Communism is a totalitarian dictatorship wherein the people are oppressed and allowed little to no freedom 2)      Communism has nothing to say about the world today as it lost the war of ideas after the breakup of the Soviet Union 3)      Communism leads to dictatorships like Stalin in Russia […]

Glenn Beck has become America’s right-wing sweetheart. The boisterous, overly emotional faker has captivated dim-witted audiences for years, and has ventured into the “non-fiction” and fiction realm of print, and even had the audacity to publish a children’s book. Although on the surface his anger and positions may seem sincere, and has surely mobilized a […]

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer has an issue with food. Not only evident by his somewhat plump contour, but by his battle with the Orlando Chapter of Food Not Bombs, Dyer’s issues with food have ventured from the dinner table to Lake Eola Park and the Fifth District Court of Appeals. This battle, over the esteemed […]