In this episode Kevin talks with Chris Cutrone about the thesis that the left is dead. They discuss the Platypus Affiliated Society, what he means by the death of the left, a brief history of the left in the 20th century, a discussion of the Millennial left, the question of DSA and the gradualist approach, […]

In this return episode of the Sensible Socialist, Kevin talks to Ben Burgis about his background and some fairly nerdy philosophic issues, and the inimitable Christopher Hitchens. Ben Burgis is philosophy professor, a columnist for Jacobin Magazine, among others. He hosts his own podcast called Give Them An Argument, and he is stating a new […]

The “Great Recession” of 2008 continues to be a lesson in Marx’s theory of value and crisis as Capitalist government’s attempts to, once again, save the economic system from its own contradictions. As Marx shows, Capitalism’s inherent contradictions, specifically the production of great quantities of commodities, capital and wealth while simultaneously limiting the means to […]