Bombs Over Boston

The bombing in Boston is just one of several bombing that happen each day around the world. But unlike any other day, today people are freaking out!


The difference? It happened here.


Acts of terrorism, such as the one yesterday in Boston, particularily against unarmed civilians (including children) are terrible. But it’s terrible where ever it happens. Americans are so sheltered and self centered that they don’t know or don’t care when it happens somewhere else, usually with much more damage to life and property, specifically when the victims are dark skinned and even less so if they are Arab (because Arab=terrorist).  I think we should be consistent. If we don’t care about the bombings in Iraq, we shouldn’t care about bombings in Boston. We should freak out every time this happens no matter where it does. If all life is precious, why do dead Americans, here or abroad – uniformed or not, matter more than others?

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