White Priviledge

Here’s my only issue with all the discussion of white privilege. Let me first say I acknowledge the phenomenon and it’s obvious outcroppings. My issue is that the phenomenon can be draped in classic identity politics, i.e. race and gender, but that is really just masking the true underlying problem: class inequality. When you look at it from a Marxist rather than a liberal view (class over identity) you get much more out of it. Blacks and women are paid less and have a harder time because they are poor at higher rates than privileged classes. Wealthy black people don’t have near the issues of black people as a whole.

The other issue, which is more generalizable, is this. Okay so I have educated myself as the last comic suggested. Now what to do about it? This where liberals and proponents of identity politics fail. For them the issue stops at recognition. “This is how our messed up society just works.” There are no explanation as to why (which would upset liberals) or ways to actually confront and change this social ill.

This is why liberals get nowhere. They complain about issues which are worthy of elucidation and examination but that’s were they end. This alienates working class people who are spending enough time dealing with the aftermath so as they lack the requisite time and energy to study philosophy, critical theory or feminism. It shoots itself in the foot because it is usually spouted from well to do or upper middle class (mostly white) liberals with – as they see it – nothing better to do than whine about social ills the never actually experience.

So I’m left holding the bag with nothing but guilt and anger which, as capitalism is so wonderful at doing, I can alleviate by distractions. Go youtube.

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