Episode 7 – Socialist Organizing and Identity Politics (w/ Eljeer Hawkins)

This week I speak with Eljeer Hawkins about Socialist organizing and identity politics. Eljeer  is a community, labor and antiwar activist, and has been a member of Socialist Alternative/Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) for 23 years and writes regularly on race, the criminal legal system, Black Lives Matter and the historic Black freedom movement and has also lectured at a number of different places around the world including, but not limited to Harvard University, Hunter College, Oberlin College and University of Toronto.

Books Mentioned

Walter Rodney – How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

Paul Heideman – Class Struggle and the Color Line: American Socialism and the Race Question, 1900-1930

American Revolution II: Battle of Chicago

W. E. B. Du Bois – Black Reconstruction in America: An Essay Toward a History of the Part Which Black Folk Played in the Attempt to Reconstruct Democracy in America

Ending Song: Andover – Silhouettes and Sirens

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