Episode 16 – The Question of Elections & More – with Ginger Jentzen

In this episode I speak with Ginger Jentzen an activist and organizer with Socialist Alternative. Ginger was a candidate for Minneapolis city council in 2017, the executive director of 15 Now, along with previous working including Occupy homes in the Minneapolis area. The strategy of electoral politics has long been debated within the Socialist community. Here we talk about a number of different issues, including the whole questions of elections and the view from the so-called flyover states.

Ending Song: Stop Drop –  Stitches

Download: .mp3


  1. Enjoyed the interview with Ginger and it’s always interesting to me to hear the common threads that lead people down the same road towards a socialist alternative regardless of and despite their different personal histories, circumstances, gender race etc across the globe. Sensible socialism to me is simply giving political expression to our shared humanism and that helps join the dots between all of us across the globe and through time and space. Cheers.


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