Episode 35 – Capitalism and Mental Health

In this episode we talk about the links between the mental health crisis and capitalism.

Download: .mp3


  1. So, capitalism causes mental illness? America was built on capitalism. Taking the means of production, distribution, and exchange and giving it to the community as a whole would create in my opinion a lot more depressed individuals. When will the masses begin to realize socialism comes at a hefty price, it’s not “free!” I am a conservative capitalist that just listened to an hour of your podcast, why don’t you try reading or listening to the opposite side of the political spectrum for once. Don’t be bias.


    1. I do listen to “the other side” and not sure how you see the “bias” given that I take a perspective and argue it. Capitalism doesn’t cause mental health issues, but it can exacerbate them and create the conditions by which they can thrive, and the evidence for that is pretty obvious. Why would having a democratic say at the workplace make people depressed. Many studies have shown that the lack of it is actually what is causing stress and anxiety and that those in worker cooperatives do not have the same level. So where do you think we would be more depressed?

      You claimed you are a conservative capitalist, an I say you are biased?


  2. What I’m implying, is that you are majorly concerned about the mental effects capitalism has on people. Which doesn’t matter at all. Arguing the statistics of mental illness is not where we are at in our country currently. I don’t understand why millennials continue to blame capitalism for their personal issues, when most mental issues are caused mostly by previous physical abuse and neglect, as well as loneliness and maltreatment. I don’t think personal feelings should lead a person. We have seen that 40% of LGBT people claim they have attempted suicide at least once, and people that consider themselves transgender are obviously being led by their feelings to believe that they are not their birth gender. I believe it’s no wonder millennials are significantly unhappy, it’s truthfully because most of them live their lives based on their feelings, which doesn’t work if your trying to decide wether to drop a bomb on Hiroshima or not. Honestly Kevin if socialism ever did conquer America, I might just commit suicide. Because, America to me has always been a country of possible opportunity’s, not a country of equal opportunity. I can choose who I want to become socially. So my question for you is, “do you think American becoming socialist would be enjoyable for you?” Would you enjoy having to forfeit something you worked hard for to someone else that did nothing, just so there could be equality. Let me know when you get some sense.


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