Irony may not be the right word to describe the scene at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Robinson Street in Orlando on November 14, 2010. It may have appeared like any other church does on Sunday, but this congregation was a quite different sort. At first glance the packed pews showed some of the goers […]

So often in both philosophic and physical tenses the idea of the Utopia is or has been categorized as mere fantasy, so much so mostly because the term utopian in the real sense refers to something ideal but impossible. The notion of a utopian vision is seen nothing more than mere ramblings of idealistic or […]

It has become apparent that Law Enforcement agents are ready prepared, not only to use the trusty pistol carried to intimidate us, but that lovely secondary weapon: Taser. As we have seen, just in the last few weeks, the taser has become the weapon of choice for the long hand of the law because it […]

I would like to comment not about the shootings themselves. Of course, the shootings, the shooter and the whole police debacle it became were all horrendous, ridiculous, and really confusing. Rather, what I would like to comment on is 1) the note the killer left and 2) the convocation ceremony that happened yesterday. First, the […]