Not Another Virgina Tech Note

I would like to comment not about the shootings themselves. Of course, the shootings, the shooter and the whole police debacle it became were all horrendous, ridiculous, and really confusing. Rather, what I would like to comment on is 1) the note the killer left and 2) the convocation ceremony that happened yesterday.

First, the Killer apparently left a note claiming that “they made me do it.” It included tirade on rich kids and the debaucherous youth he saw around campus. According to the Washington Post, “Authorities found two three-page notes in his dorm room after the shootings. They weren’t suicide notes and provided no clue about why he did what he did. Instead, they were expletive-filled rants against the rich and privileged, even naming people who he thought had kept him down, federal and state law enforcement sources said. Two government officials said he had been treated for mental health problems.” Now I want to say that I understand his frustration, and his anger. However, it seems like a stupid and shortsighted perpetuation of the problem if you just go in and kill them all. What Mr. Cho failed to realized is that his anger and resentment towards the rich and privileged is an understandable and shared one yet his actions are inappropriate and dastardly. What he should have done was educate himself and arm himself with the knowledge of why this kids were privileged twerps, why they are racists bigots and why they are inevitably destined for failure. If Cho had realized this, he would have been an ally to those of us seeking change, not an enemy to all of us generally. That is what saddens me most, that 33 people including Cho are now just dead instead of having a fellow, powerful ally in fight for justice. I understand you were troubled Cho, but this was not what we need right now.

Secondly I’d like to comment on the convocation that happened. What I saw yesterday in Virginia was those who are confused and scared being more confused and being drugged by the religiosity of the South in America. I watched for over an hour and not once did anyone speaking come from or directly relate to any organization that was at overtly religious. These people did not convey any honest sense of reassurance or understanding, instead they filled the collegiate minds with “Gods plan” or God’s will.” God really showed his grace didn’t he? God showed his mercy, allowing a troubled youth to kill people and not giving the police forewarning to stop it, or strength to go in and get him. God really was there to teach us something right, if there was a just and loving God then this wouldn’t happen. The convocation ceremony filled student’s heads with this message, one that can only do one of two things. It either drugs the students into thinking its okay, or confuses the piss out of em. Either way, its wrong.

If you want to find out why this kid was so angry, go to Virginia Tech and see what could make someone like him so. Look into emotional disorders to understand how people who think like Mr. Cho do rationalize things, and try to understand that God’s absence is why this happened, and its up to us, the actual-existing people, to move forward.

God is dead, and rationality killed him. 32 people at Virginia Tech are dead, and irrationality killed them.

Oh and think of this. 4 Bombs set by religious fanatics killed 178 people in Baghdad yesterday. 32 is a quite a bit less. It doesn’t matter though, they were Arabs in Mesopotamia, not rich American kids, and they are not part of God’s plan?


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