Usually I am loathed to talk about Trump and the Russia investigation. The Russiagate Episode should give one reason enough to see why. But yesterday both Michael Cohen – Trumps former lawyer – and Paul Manafort – his former campaign manager were found or plead guilty to a number of serious crimes. While not in […]

On the most recent episode of the Waking Up Podcast, Sam Harris spoke with Andrew Yang, excuse me, Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, where they discussed Yang’s proposal for his version of a universal basic income (UBI). He calls it the “Freedom Dividend.” At a $1000 a month, Yang asserts that this (along with other more […]

In law school they teach soon-to-be lawyers a lot of things – civil procedure, constitutional law, torts, probate, contracts – but what they really teach is how to think like a lawyer. In one sense this means judicially reviewing facts for specific issues, and being able to determine what is relevant information and what isn’t, […]

We usually only talk about issues when the effect the wealthy. The suicidies of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdian this week has opened discussion of suicide in America. But while when it happens to the rich we take note, its a deeper and more nefarious force among the vast majority of Americans. Indeed, the Center for […]

Today is Monday, May 28, 2018. It is Memorial Day. And since its memorial day, I thought it may be interesting to talk a bit about the origins of the day. While, setting aside time to commemorate the dead of great battles goes back to time imemorium, in the US what we now know of […]

I would like to comment not about the shootings themselves. Of course, the shootings, the shooter and the whole police debacle it became were all horrendous, ridiculous, and really confusing. Rather, what I would like to comment on is 1) the note the killer left and 2) the convocation ceremony that happened yesterday. First, the […]