Trump’s Legal Fun

Usually I am loathed to talk about Trump and the Russia investigation. The Russiagate Episode should give one reason enough to see why. But yesterday both Michael Cohen – Trumps former lawyer – and Paul Manafort – his former campaign manager were found or plead guilty to a number of serious crimes. While not in and of themselves part and parcel of the Russia connection to the 2016 election, it was pretty big news.

At this point Trump is an un-indicted co-conspirator in a felony case involving campaign finance violations carried out to cover up and pay off porn stars the president of United States had paid to have sex with while his wife was pregnant. That is a pretty crazy thing to have written. And while this is clearly all the grounds anyone with a backbone would need to impeach and convict the president – no action seems likely in that regard.

Its hard to know what will come of this, given the rotten nature of the US legislature. But even that, the continued breakdown of trust in the presidency because of Donald trump is a good thing, and while I doubt seriously that he will resign, he ought to be impeached and there is no good reason not to do it now. If it fails, then just do what the republicans did with healthcare, and keep on voting!

However big news, this whole Russia scandal is a huge distraction from the real issues plaguing regular Americans. While the Russia investigation continues, the wages don’t go up, the bombs keep falling on kids in Yemen, and the process of job-destroying automation continued unabated. This is the real crime of the Trump era, the crime of mass distraction.

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